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Stay Safe with Safety Tools

One spark from a tool in an atmosphere of flammable gas, liquids or explosives can cause injury, death and billions of dollars of property damage. At SafetyTools, we offer the highest quality in non-sparking tools, giving you the ability to get the job done right without putting lives and facilities at risk. Our tools don’t contain beryllium, making them a healthier alternative to beryllium copper tools. Instead, we use specially formulated alloys for safety and strength.


Non Sparking Tools for Every Need

At SafetyTools, we carry all the non-sparking beryllium free tools you need to perform any job, regardless of how large or small. We carry the safety tools you need such as:

  • cutting tools
  • pliers
  • wrenches
  • wedges
  • chisels
  • screwdrivers
  • punches
  • shovels
  • hammers
  • Tank Car Sockets
  • Belly Cap Wrenches
  • Tank Car Wrenches
  • more!

If you are looking for a specific tool, contact our specialists so we can help you find exactly what you need. Every beryllium free, non sparking tool is manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring the safety of those who work in potentially hazardous conditions.


SafetyTools, LLC Introduces New Non-Sparking Belly Cap Wrench

Designed to increase safety and reduce fatigue, specifically for belly caps on tank cars carrying flammable liquids. Non-sparking aluminum bronze jaws with an aluminum handle for crude by rail, ethanol and all flammable liquids. 30 Inch overall length for proper leverage and only 7.2 lbs.

Our patent pending replaceable offset cam and upper hook design provides increasing clamping power as more pressure is applied.

Forged, Not Cast

SafetyTools brand tools are forged for enhanced grain structure, high strength and work-friendly cross sections, allowing the fit in tight spaces where competitor’s tool won’t go. Contact surfaces are machined to tight tolerances to insure proper distribution of forces. Our non sparking tools continue to set the standard for quality in the industry.


Beryllium Free Tools, Ready to Ship

If you’re searching for high quality, beryllium free, non sparking tools for your work environment, contact us. Not only do we provide the tools you need for a safer work environment, customer service is a top priority and your satisfaction is guaranteed.